35 Bloomingdale Road

Hicksville, New York 11801

Tel: 516 307 8848

United States

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  • Leather Backgroung
    Leather Leather Backgroung
  • Leather Aligator Chair
    Aligator Chair Leather Aligator Chair

 Pelle Valore Inc.® ...

A leather company  ~~Premier Leather source manufacturer / material printing business is based in Long Island, New York. We are focused on fulfilling your fashion leather needs. We provide prints on all type of leathers including full hides and suede, AND FOR OUR VEGAN FRIENDS WE ALSO PRINT ON cork, vinyl, burlap and other synthetics including man made suede with little to NO MINIMUM!  When do you see THAT in this industry?

Our website: 

Pellevaloreinc.com®, provides customers with easy access to the most important fashion trends and news. Pelle Valore, Inc. Design® program is one of the most popular programs in the world, we allow YOUR dreams and YOUR own designs to come to life.

Our establishment also offers convenient offices and factory® location in Long Island, New York providing comfort, convenience, and an environment with a full range of services making it easy for customers to stay productive without interruption. If you can't make it here then call us for your one on one meeting with our staff and if you're in NYC and can't get to us~we will certainly come to you as our Sales Director is out constantly checking on our customers. She is known as the WALKING SHOWROOM~

Pelle Valore Inc. focuses on providing an exceptional customer experience across the Globe, serving more than 260 cities in more than 50 countries. Pelle Valore, Inc. produces nearly 9,500 square feet of product daily and ships worldwide from our hub in New York. Pelle Valore Inc. provides services to nearly 100 international locations including important markets such as London, Madrid, San Paulo and Tokyo. Our quality control is impeccable and every item is reviewed and checked before it leaves the facility. Our customer service is well known~we handle all samples and production with a very quick turn around time.
Pelle Valore, Inc. is building the youngest and most modern producing machines among all the major U.S. producers.  


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