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P r e s e n t s   P A T T E R N S     f o r   F a l l   


•This season makes PERFECT sense.This season makes absolutely NO SENSE just like the market and retail reflects.

•Thru all the shows, print ads and Euro fashion materials researched the season proves one thing~that companies (including this one) are becoming more BESPOKE and are finding NEW WAYS to work with our customers.

•Confirmed that if we think outside the box but still offer intelligent choices with no borders; we can all have a great season.


•Satellite-white dove Gray~Okra, Deep~Golden corn, •Humus-Nude, Nude-pink nude •Greige- Madison (mid tone) gray •Non-Gender~~ •Smoke Blue Dark Denim •Deep Teal Dress blue •Ultra Marine Green- blue green

•Classic Grass Green-green

•Neutral tones of camel and all connected from warm yellow to elaborations of gray.Add pastel tones for pop.

•Non-Gender tones are untarnished and transversal. The brightest of greens to the depth of blue. Mix in browns and grays for a nice anchor.

•Digital Effect of red and browns. Shades that are out of focus from picante to neon orange. Versions of wine to also pass thru this category.

•Nocturnal mystery colors run from hot to cold. Purple to black. Mauve to intense purple mixed with pink.

•“A” Gender-Non Gender looks and colors….Erosion big in this category.

•Fashion Democracy with vanity…Royalty looks.

•The most exciting thing that carries forward is GALAXY…futuristic.

•No more UNISEX~Fashion is for everyone!

•Movement in finish and pattern.

•Leather/suede making a comeback in a huge way.

•Shine and Shimmer.

•Wet and Glossy~~Slippery as a Snake—oh and snake too!

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